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Auglaize/Mercer Center Awarded $15,000 for a Mural Project by the Ohio Arts Council

Now Accepting Mural Proposals

The Auglaize/Mercer Center of Arts Place is seeking proposals from mural artists located in the following counties: Mercer, Auglaize, Darke, Van Wert, Allen, Shelby, Hardin, and Logan. This mural is made possible by an Arts Resiliency Initiative grant from the Ohio Arts Council that has awarded the Auglaize/Mercer Center $15,000 to spend on artist fees for a mural.

The purpose of the mural is to nurture the creative spirit in the communities that Arts Place serves. The committee is not seeking a specific vision for the mural beyond celebrating and encouraging art and creativity. The length of the wall selected is roughly 50 feet, although the mural does not have to fit the entire length of the wall. The building is two stories tall. The street address is 207 E. Spring Street in St. Marys, Ohio. The wall is between Arts Place and State Farm. This project must be completed by June 31, 2022.

Interested artists should send a proposal to Auglaize/Mercer Center Director Erin Weirrick at amc@myartsplace.org by Monday, March 14, for the highest level of consideration. Proposals submitted after that date may be considered at committee discretion.

Proposals should include:

A short bio of the artist and history of past work, as well as images of past work.

Concept idea for the mural, as well as anticipated budget for supplies

Available timeline

Status of artist’s general liability insurance

Rights to any artist concepts submitted remain with the artist unless accepted for the commission by Arts Place.  The contract for the commissioned work will include ownership rights for Arts Place, Inc.. with allowances for usage of the design by the creating artist.

The artist will be selected by committee and informed no later than Monday, March 28. 

The subject wall, featuring a very poor and hastily done photoshop job to aid in imagining what the wall will look like after the tree obscuring the wall has been trimmed. 


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