Who We Are

Mission Statement

“Nurturing the creative spirit in our community.”

At Arts Place, we believe that each person has the potential for creative expression and that the arts are a vital part of a thriving community. We nurture the creative spirit in individuals and in our community as a whole by making arts experiences, education and services accessible to the region’s residents, artists and cultural organizations.

Arts Place is committed to four core values:

To the best of our abilities, those acting on behalf of Arts Place will strive to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

We will do our best to provide access to the arts. We will serve people of all ages. We will provide programming designed for children, individuals 60 and over, and for all those in between. To the extent that we are able, we will maintain a bias toward attendance and participation, rather than revenue. We will focus on reach and outreach. We will lessen barriers to participation.

Arts Place, Inc. neither supports nor rejects the viewpoints expressed in works of art it presents with respect to exhibits, public performances, and arts publications. The views expressed are those of the artists presented. While we will not present art that constitutes pornography, Arts Place shall not otherwise censor the specific viewpoint of artists or their presentation of ideas.

At the age of 80, with another 11 years of life and the design of the Guggenheim Museum still ahead, Frank Lloyd Wright said, “A creative life is a young life.” The arts provide an avenue to a richer and more meaningful life. Arts Place was founded in the belief that the residents of every community, whether large or small, deserve access to the arts as a part of their daily lives.

IRS Form 990

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