Improv-cess Paula Izydorek

Paula Izydorek is a Cleveland-based mixed media artist who works with birch wood, graphite, and acylic paint, among other mediums. Her exhibit “Improv-cess” will open at the Jay County Campus of Arts Place on Friday, February 11th and be on display until Friday, March 25th.


Paula says of her exhibit: “My paintings conceptually observe how submersion in the surrounding environment affects ones biochemistry, interpersonal conflicts and overall wellbeing. My creative process is based on spontaneity and discovery which reveals a meditative rawness to my audience and influences an openness to possibilities. I utilize line markings, repetitious forms and material based patterns to metaphorically portray how ones experiential journey exist in a constant state of being altered by the surrounding energy in ones environment. It is my hope that the viewers will experience this discovery within the paintings, as each uniquely expresses a response to a moment of interconnectivity.”


Improv-cess is made entirely of acrylic based mixed-media paintings created on birch wood instead of traditional canvas. The exhibit is entirely free to experience and is available during the open hours of the Jay County Campus of Arts Place: 10 AM – 9 PM Monday through Thursday and 10 AM – 6 PM on Fridays.


Feb 11 2022 - Mar 25 2022


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